Lifestyles of the Bourgeoisie

by Red Opera

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This album is a 5 song EP that is a warm up to a Tranzill group project that will soon be released with Thagodzombie.


released July 1, 2017

Mixed by Christ Sampson for Sampire Productions.
Produced by thagodzombie for 412 Oceans Ave.



all rights reserved


Red Opera Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Appreciate
I'm not a patriotic man, burn a flag and dance on it
Mi'kmaq burial, your father built his ranch on it
it's just an animal, you can put your hands on it
beat it if it speaks in its tongue and put some pants on it
globally the same story
subjugate a people, take their resources
it's hard to get your brain to fuck with endorphins
when your mother gets bombed and you grow up as an orphan
how'd it all start? I don't know
slave trade, land theft, knock em down-dominoes,
patriarchy, class rule, sweatshop, vamanos
Omar Khadr waterboarded in Guantanamo
plus we're dealing with the climate
contrary to your oil think tank science
lobby groups pushing their agenda, don't deny it
call me paranoid but I think it's kind of biased
so many people starving we could feed em
instead we're blowing money on the weapons to defeat em
call it freedom, who cares? we don't see em
as long as I can own an X Box and fresh sneakers
CIA folders, child soliders
12 year old slave labour kids supply Folgers
beaten with bike chains if they defy owners
the high rollers in private jets just fly over
our pensions invested in destruction
cluster bombs, nuke tech, meet me at the luncheon
it's going down, proceeds for Justin
crest white strips, pleated pants, and corruption
this is what the maple leaf stands for
pillage everything in sight, join another damn war
smile, we're so polite, open up the van door
black bag over your head, BANG! you're dead!
Track Name: Ain't What it is
too much reality, took the blue capsule
now you sit around watching tv like an (ass hole)
screaming at your wife cause she burnt the tuna casserole
probly waste your life watching Grey's and playing racquetball
join the military, fight for capital, that Highway of Heros
propaganda song playing when your casket falls
mean mug and I just laugh it off
spit rocket fuel, NASA need to count down to blast it off
and I don't even try now
rock a fur coat made from Classified's eyebrows
you wanna battle? don't make me cry now
CSIS trying to tell us where we can fly now
meanwhile Canada's corporations are sick
paramilitaries liberalise the south for the rich
now you're waving your flag but yo it ain't what it is
they warning peasants to comply with a head on a stick
Track Name: Lifestyles of the Bourgeoisie
you can't tame capitalism
it's easier to get Judge Judy to listen
it's easier to put a crooked cop in prison
it's easier to prove Jesus Christ has risen
we fist bump America and kill civilians
then cry when people blow up bombs with nails in em
ready to kill for a failed system
amphetamine driven, tail spinning, failed mission
selling weapons to the Saudis
even though we know about the link to the Wahhabis
cool with moderated rebels, White Helmet softies
chopping people's fucking heads off like Mombi
Justin with the crocodile tears when there's a bombing
blood on his hands but fuck look at that body!
looking like the type that eats right and does karate
lifestyles of the bourgeoisie
it take money to make money, you get it?
it ain't Maybelline but I'm guessing he's born with it
trust fund got about a million bucks in it
while I can't afford to go and fill a script from the clinic
leader of the free world, they're calling you a hottie
graduated, pissed off he only got an Audi
cultivated look, your style's looking gaudy
lifestyles of the bourgeoisie
Track Name: Flippin the Script
I heard ya playing the burn spoons in the streets with the dills
the milligram man making money but he kills
seen a couple things that would probly give you chills
needle banging like boom-bap-stead of paying bills
hollow men walk around looking like a leper, they
hit you with the pepper spray, try to take your cheque away
stab a brother in the back, it take your breath away
lying in the bed you made but you ain't left your bed today
going through the motions, double doctor doses
stop, drop, and detox yourself into convulsions
like you got a pat on the back from Vulcans
paramedics show up quick but know it's hopeless
pajama pants at the doctors
Lorazepam in your pockets
self medicated but the dose is obnoxious
goddamn the pusher-man, step into my office
and that's the way this shit goes
incognito, shooting up between your toes
half brain, stack change, crummy cash flow,
collapsed veins, back pains, bummy ass clothes,
runny ass nose, in a Civic hatchback
trying to make doe, coca in your ass crack
hand me that blow, sniffing til your abstract
fucking with your future won't help you fix the past right? no
drop knowledge on the low
get it in quick then I pull it out slow
cinnamon sticks, fucking loco
living in shit but you call it coco
kind of like a dodo
jumping off a cliff if the next man go
red and blue flashing, fuck the po po
caught up in the action, that's a no no
runny ass nose, in a Civic hatchback
trying to make doe, coca in your ass crack
hand me that blow, sniffing til your abstract
fucking with your future won't help you fix the past right? no
Track Name: 99
the working class is the
future, Malcolm X knew it, so did Martin Luther
if you figure it out they're probably shoot ya
class war, grab the baby out the booster
neighbours turned snitch, now they're gonna come for you sir
we gotta link up, strength in numbers
for every 1 of them we got a hundred
fill up the dungeon and we're still flooding the streets
if you ain't wit it you can run and tell the bourgeoisie
they call me Opera, from the mighty Tranz Ill
with my cousin Zombie, hitchew like an anvil (stand still)
99 percent shit, undercover cops
at the protest busting out windows with rocks, it's like
botch the ballot, turn a fist into a mallet
make the Caesar toss his own salad
shit is callous, watching everything around us
desperate people trying to find a balance with a Valium